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The twenty most recent Blog entries are displayed in reverse chronological order. To search for an archived Blog enter a keyword in the search box. Updating an entry will move it to the top of the Blog. To post or respond to this Blog you must be a registered user and logged on to


The Blog is a great feature to add to your site. It gives your users a way to interact with each other. The Blog feature can be added to any page on your site. Just select Blog from the Features dropdown while editing a page.

Posted by: John Munsch
Last Update: 8/1/2007

The CMS Blog can be viewed by website visitors but posting entries to the blog are restricted to registered users of the site.
This prevents anonymous or unknown users from posting inappropriate content to the blog.
Posted by: John Munsch
Last Update: 8/1/2007

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Recently WebSite Blogs have gotten a bad wrap. Unfortunately some bloggers have taken advantage of the anonymity of the Blog and used it as a canvas to bash fellow bloggers and/or post in appropriate content.
CMS addresses this issue by restricting blog posts to members of your website.
You as the administrator, can edit or delete inappropriate content, and remove the user from the system if needed.
With CMS you are in control!
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