Custom Control Development
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Custom Control Development


Custom Control Example

If the Content Management System, out of the box, falls short of your business' objectives, ELM & Associates can Develop Custom Components specifically tailored to your unique business needs.
CMS was designed with extendability in mind

Your business processes can be integrated into CMS to streamline your business. Your entire operation (accounting, shipping, inventory, scheduling etc.) can be linked into your web site increasing your efficiency. For example, one of our customers is a Tennis League, they needed the ability to make the season schedule information available online. In the past they had to build a webpage for each schedule and FTP it to their website. This was a very time consuming task considering the number of team in the League. We analyzed their needs, and built custom controls to that communicates with thier league management software. The net result is real time schedule information on the website with zero effort to maintain. We can add this kind of extended functionality to your website.

We also offer content research, editing, graphics and web site design.

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