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About ELM & Associates Website Services and CMS

Traditional web site development is based on static HTML pages. Static HTML pages are files that a webmaster maintains using an HTML tool like HomeSite. The webmaster then copies the files to the web server using an FTP program. The problem with the traditional approach becomes evident when the customer wants to make a change to the site that will impact every page on the site. Another issue is new content. Typically a well designed website has consistent navigation across all of its pages. When a new page is added to the site the menu on every page has to be updated to reflect the change. You can imagine how much work this would be if your site had more than just a few pages. ELM & Associates Website Services is different

ELM & Associates Website Services is powered by ELM & Associates, Web Content Management System (Web CMS or WCMS). A Web Content Management System is web based computer software that is used to create, edit, manage, and publish a website. The Web CMS addresses the problem mentioned above. With a Web CMS the website is database driven, when changes are made the change is immediately reflected everywhere it appears on the site. For example, your site has your company’s address in the footer of every page. With the traditional approach an address change would require edition every page and then copying the pages to the server. With Web CMS you simply logon to the website make the change and click save. Again with Web CMS, if you add a new page or change the title of a page, the change is immediately reflected on every other page’s menu.

Probably the most important difference between a Web CMS and the traditional approach is ELM & Associates Website Services's administrators and content managers can make the changes them selves. No need to call the webmaster, ELM & Associates Website Services users with the admin or content manager role just logon to the site, navigate the the page, click edit, make the change and click save.

ELM & Associates Website Services is Hosted Content Management System with the following, Roles and Tools:

1.       It’s a roles based system

a.       Administrators

                                                               i.      Can manage users

b.      Content Manager

                                                               i.      Maintain content on the site that is assigned to them

c.       Member/Guests

                                                               i.      Logon to the site and view content that is not available to anonymous users.

d.      Anonymous

                                                               i.      The general public visiting the site.

2.       WYSIWYG Page editor

a.       Administrators and Content Manager can edit content on the site directly through their web browser. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is built into the website. No third party editing software is required.

b.      Spell Checking is built into the Editor and other Text Fields

c.       New pages can be added to the site with the click of your mouse, you do not have to FTP a page to the site

3.       Search Capabilities

a.       A good Web CMS will have a Site Search built in. The search should return ranked search results.

4.       Search Engine Optimized

a.       A good Web CMS automatically build out META TAGS based on the page. META tags are used by search engines when website content is indexed.

5.       Global Website Properties

a.       Layout and Color Scheme choices

                                                               i.      With a click of the mouse the entire website is transformed to a new look and feel

b.      Web Site footer, reflected on every page on the site

c.       Optional site Banner and company branding images.

d.      Global Access Controls

e.      Site Navigation that is well organized easy to use, including tool tips and a crumb trail to help keep the user oriented to where they are within the site.

6.       Page Controls or Widgets. The content manager should be able select  a widget to transform a typical content page into page that support extended functionality.

a.       Address Book

b.      Driving Directions

c.       Guest Book

d.      Photo Gallery

e.      Shopping Cart

f.       Slide Show

g.      Site Map

h.     Web Conferencing

i.       Event Calendar

                                                               i.      Capable of emailing event reminders to registered users

j.      Task Manager

                                                               k.      Used for assigning and tracking tasks.

l.       Streaming Media support; Flash, QuickTime, WMF

m.   Site Blog (Web Log)

Most Content Management Systems cost thousands of dollars to purchase and are expensive to host due to the system requirements. E.g. Web Server, Database Server, Email Server etc. Due to the associated costs small businesses and organization are typically afraid to consider using CMS.

ELM & Associates has a solution that is designed specifically for small business, schools, churches, organizations and clubs. It was initially built to give teachers a place to post homework assignments. Parents wanted to know what their children had assigned and when it was due. The site was an immediate success. First the Church wanted their site redone to use the system, then another church, then a couple clubs. Before they knew it ELM & Associates was born.

Over time the system grew to what it is today;  including full email support for domains, including spam filtering and virus scanning.

The system is so easy to use that any small business, club, school, church or organization can maintain their own website content without technical knowledge. The fact that it is a hosted solution there is no software to buy and no servers to maintain.

ELM also offers custom software development for customers who have special requirements to publish information from other backend systems.

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