Content Management System For Small Business
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Content Management System For Small Business


Small Businesses and Associations find CMS a great way to maintain a professional web presence. One of the things businesses like the most is they can and instantly change content on their WebSite. No problems FTPing files, no need to purchase Web design tools.

Value Added Features:

  • Email: Many small businesses use yahoo or gmail email accounts. Using third party internet email providers doesn't project a professional business presence. With CMS all of your employees can have their own email accounts. As new employees join your company, adding the employee as a user on the website automatically creates an email account for the employee.
    • Our email system is designed to pre-scan all incoming email for junk mail and viruses. 

  • CalendarMetro Condo Association's Calendar sends reminders to tenants just before association dues are due. They also use the Calendar feature to organize Club Room reservations. This allows tenants visibility into availability 24 hrs a day. 

  • Task Manager: With Task Manager you can assign tasks to members of the site. Emails associated with the tasks are automatically sent to the person assigning the task and the one the task is assigned to.

  • Request Forms: When the generic request form feature is enabled for a page, members can submit a request associated with that page. eg. It might be a reservation request for the Club Room.  A Task is automatically created and placed in the Task Queue of the person responsible for the request.

 Sign up now! Fill out the Request Service form, there is no obligation. Customer Service will contact you to discuss your needs. We will make the transition to CMS as easy as possible, whether you are new to the concept of maintaining a website or we are transferring an existing site to CMS.

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