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When a website has lots of graphics and images managing the images can become a real task. ELM & Associates' CMS solves this in the following ways.

    • To help keep images organized each page on the website has it's own image library.
    • When you have lots of images to upload, one upload at a time can be a drag. CMS supports up to 10 simultaneous image uploads.
    • Resizing your images in an image editing program can be a time consuming task. CMS gives you 6 image sizes to choose from. The system will automatically scale the image to the selected width.
    • Any page can have a slide show. Just select the Slide Show option when uploading images. The slide show icon Slides automatically shows on the web page. When clicked the slide shot plays.
    • The system also generates a thumbnail image for each image uploaded see Thumbnails for more information.
    • Text entered in text box shows in the screen shot below is displayed with the images in the slide show. This makes the slide show a much richer experience. The test is also displayed when the Thumbnail component is enabled for a web page.
    • The Insert Image dialog facilitates easy preview and insertion of images into your web page. The dialog also gives you access to over three hundred icons which can be added to your page. See Screen Shot #2 below.
    • Tired of broken images on web pages. CMS Manage Uploads screen recognizes if an image in the image library is in use on on the web page. It will not allow the image to be deleted until the image is removed from the page. Text entered in the image description can be accessed and edited from the Manage Uploads screen. See Screen Shot #3 below.
    • The image management screens now include access to Instructional Videos which walk you through common image management tasks.

Screen Shot 1: Upload up to ten images at a time.  
Screen Shot selecting number of ima...

Screen Shot 2: Preview Images and click Add to Page.
Preview and Add

Screen Shot 3: Manage Images gives you access all images upload to a page.
Manage Images

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