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Guest Book



The guest book can be made available to registered users or anonymous visitors. Comments posted to the guest book become available to the page Content Manager and/or Administrator. The Content Manager and/or Administrator has the opportunity to review the post before optionally making it visible on the Guest Book page. They can also edit or delete the post in the event the content submitted is inappropriate.

The screen shot (right) is the Guest Book with two approved messages displayed on the screen. Notice one message was posted by John M and the other was posted by Anonymous. When a visitor is logged onto the website and posts a message the User's name is known to the system so their first name and last initial are displayed. If the visitor is not logged onto the website it is simply an Anonymous guest book entry.

NOTE: Messages posted to the Guest Book are not automatically displayed to the public on the website. See Approval Process screen below.

Guest Book

When a guest clicks the "Sign Guestbook" button the following screen is displayed. The guest's email and home page are optional.

The email address is never displayed to website visitors. It is optional and exists to allow vistors to provide a way for Content Managers and/or the site Administrators to contact them if needed.

Guest Book Post
When a visitor Signs the Guest Book; the message is routed to a queue where a Content Manager can approve, delete or edit the message. Only approved messages are displayed to other users of the site.
If the intention is to only allow registered user to Sign the Guest Book; simply setting the page's access control to logged on users prevent anonymous visitors from having access to the Guest Book.
Admin Approval Screen

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