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Domain Specific Email Included


The Content Management System keeps your users/members informed by sending email reminders regarding upcoming events posted on the Event Calendar. Bulk emails can also be sent to all users/members through the user administrative page. These are powerful features, but some users/members may choose to opt out of site email. The Event Calendar email includes a link the user can click on to opt in or out of site generated email.

The Content Management System includes up to 30 email accounts at no additional cost. Our email gateway prevents spam and viruses from getting to your computer through your email account. This is done using multiple layers of protection, scanning inbound email using the following technologies.

At the Email Gateway

At the Mail Server



ELM & Associates hosted website and email

When traveling it is often a challenge to access your company email. With an ELM & Associates hosted website you can check your email right from the site. Just logon to the site, there is nothing to configure or setup, the website software knows about the associated email account.
Email Inbox
You can read, compose, forward and reply to email, including viewing and attaching attachments. The system automatically manages your address book based on a combination of email in your inbox and other members of your organization who have accounts in the system. Just start typing their name, and the system figures out who you are looking for.
Compose Email
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