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Content Management System For Clubs



  • Member Blog (WebLog); Members enjoy the ability to Blog about anything that's on their mind. The Blog is an open forum for all members. While it is an open forum and members are encouraged to write about what ever is on their minds, there is a level of control. In the event a member is getting out of hand you, as the site administrator, can edit or delete any blog entry if needed.
  • Club Email addresses: Simply add a member to the system, a club email address is automatically created; If you want to reserver club email addresses for officers, you can specify a preexisting email addresses for the member.
  • Chapter Gateway: This feature allows members of one Chapter to visit another related Chapter's WebSite. The members username only needs to be maintained in the Chapter they are a member of, but they can still view the other Chapter WebSite view content, Event Calendars, and participate in the Chapter's Blog.
  • Event List: With the click of a button the Event Calendar is converted to a printable Event List. The Event List is a great handout at Chapter meeting. It satisfies the need to include members who don't have computers or internet access.
  • Event Calendar: Clubs have reported drastic increases in member turnout Events. The Event Calendar sends email reminders to members prior to the Event. This has almost eliminated the I forgot syndrome. 

    Screen Capture of the Event Calendar with corrosponding email reminder
    Calendar with Reminder Example

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